One Year Old

My incredible baby boy turned one almost two months ago. I'm still asking myself, how is that even possible? He was just a tiny bundle of joy yesterday - right? I often stop and wonder how strangely amazing it is to be a mom - coming so far from the darkness of infertility. A small part of me still feels like that woman, I have to remind myself I'm not dreaming.

How quickly time has gone by! I have moments of sadness that Atticus is no longer a baby baby. After the hardships endured to achieve motherhood, I almost feel like I need as many years of babyhood to make up for it. Toddler Atticus is so much fun. Anything I think I know about love changes and grows each day I spend with him.

His first birthday part was so tiring, but oh so fun. He didn't get a nap in before the party started, so he was almost falling asleep on the couch while opening his presents. While he didn't really eat any of his cake since he was so sleepy, he did play with his friends and family. I like to think he was happy with his party.

We sort of went with a Where the Wild Things Are theme. I made a paleo birthday cake from The Whole Food Diary (by the way, if you haven't read this blog - do I'm totally obsessed) and it was so good - much better than the cupcakes we made for everyone else from a box. We sent the leftover cake to daycare and he scarfed it down before they could even start singing happy birthday.

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