Working Mama

I've been back at work nearly a month now and I only almost cried once.

Leading up to my return, was very stressful. Not only was I dealing with the anxiety of having to leave Atticus for 9+ hours with a stranger, our hot water went out and we were kicked out of our home for 3 weeks, it took $6,000 in plumbing and drywall repairs, Atticus got his first cold, and our day care lady turned out to be a bad fit.

I ended up having to postpone going back to work two weeks. While, it was sort of nice to get more time with Atticus, it definitely wasn't the slow paced, quiet, staycation vibes I had in mind for my last weeks of maternity leave. we were stressed and definitely had our patience pushed to the limit during those weeks.

Luckily, I found a really great home day care in Natomas where Atticus is doing really well. It's a bit of a commute and the ride home in traffic is a bit trying on our sleepy baby, but we make it work. I only am working part-time, so I think it's made the transition easier on the three of us. He isn't napping or drinking as much breastmilk as we'd like, but it's still a new routine for him. However, he continues to amaze me every day at how much he's learning and how outgoing he's become. He can sign "eat," and points when he sees us or wants something.

      A photo from the Halloween party his daycare had. We left before we could get ghost footprints. :(

Keeping with our routines on my off days has been very restorative for me. Even if he's fussy, knowing we can go out for a walk, go the music time at the library, or cuddle and take a nap together is very comforting. I'm grateful to have so much time with him that not many get. I feel safe contributing to our finances again, and content that I'm still a major part of Atticus' life, not missing any pivotal moments. It's a good balance considering we can't afford for me to stay home full-time.

      Walking home after seeing Mr. Cooper sing at the library.

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