Anniversary Weekend

we celebrated 5 years of marriage on sunday. in the past, we've planned weekend getaways to the coast to celebrate. sonoma county is our favorite spot. while we didn't have time for an escape this year, i think this is probably the happiest anniversary yet. we went to breakfast on Saturday, did our normal errands and chores, and had a picnic in our backyard before the sun became too scorching.

for dinner, we went on our first date night since atticus was born. it is hard to leave him. he is an extension of me. however, i know i owe it to my amazing husband a quick dinner out just the two of us where he can have all of my attention. (even if we ended up talking about our baby the whole night.)

we were husband and wife first before mom and dad. it is important to keep feeding our love. i want it to continue to blossom in hopes that we can set a good example of love for atticus.

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