6 Months

he is 6 months now, and they've been simply the best months of my life. ever. here are a few pictures we had done to celebrate 1/2 a year our baby. he's such a chatty boy. cooing, squealing, and yelling a bunch. he gets mad at his toys, excited when he plays with them, reaches for his puppy, drools all over us, and his smile kills me.

he has a birthmark on his left thigh, and we think a similar one under his chin. his lashes are long and growing in red. his dimples are deep when he smiles. his laughter is the antidote to any bad mood or difficult day.

he still won't take a bottle or a pacifier. he is wobbly when seated but will most likely soon be crawling.

i look at him and don't even know how we got so lucky. all the pain of infertility, and we overcame it. he's my greatest joy. three years of waiting i would do all over again knowing we get him in the end.

(yikes frizzy hair)

i remember being so frustrated over the years with each failed cycle. i tried to cheer myself up by saying that whenever our baby gets here it won't be a moment too soon. it'll be right when we need it, and they will be meant for us. not to rush the process.

i look at him and it all makes sense. he was meant for us. everything was leading to him.

he is my everything.

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