Meddling with Metformin

Google. Provides so many answers, and yet for certain things, you probably shouldn't rely on it. However, in one of my frustrated searches on pcos, infertility, and etc. I found a local diabetic endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS, Dr. K. I was able to get an appointment a couple of weeks after my discovery. Maybe she could provide some advice or insight that other doctor's couldn't.

At the medical group I belong to, there often are medical students asking questions and working side by side with the M.D.s. Dr. C sat me down and asked me the usual health history, TTC history questions. I got the familiar "You're not like a normal PCOS patient, we usually just have them lose weight. I'll have to confer with Dr. K" (What does it take for a thin girl with PCOS be taken seriously???) 

Finally, Dr. K came in and asked me why I was here. There wasn't anything she could medically do for me that my previous clomid, IUI, and IVF attempts couldn't. I said I just needed more hope. A better chance. She agreed that while I wait for whenever we decide to do another FET, she could do her best to increase my chances. 

The best she could do for me was prescribe a low dose of Metformin ER to sensitize my body to insulin. Hopefully that shortens my cycles, and gives me a couple more shots at trying "naturally" while we wait. IVF Dr. G was reluctant to prescribe Met for my insulin resistance b/c of the weight loss concern, so i'm excited she was willing to find a work around. 

I go back in March to get blood drawn to check my Progesterone levels.

She ended our appointment with a large optimistic smile, "Who knows? With life! ... we never know. All we can do is try. It takes time."

I also met with a dietician since Metformin can cause weight loss and I can't afford to lose any. Overall, she didn't have any adjustments to my vegetarian diet and said I was eating perfectly healthy. She recommended I add more avocados, coconut oil, nuts, peanut butter, (fats!) to my diet to maintain my current weight.

Also, as I write this post, we received a $20 check from Kaiser for an overpayment we made for our IUI attempt. Take that infertility!!


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