The evening before you have to go back to work after a vacation is the worst. Our Thanksgiving break was quiet and went by too quick! We spent most of the week at home, cleaning, watching movies, and trying not to spend money!

We helped our cousins out watching their cats - isn't their newest addition the cutest?

Thanksgiving morning we participated in our first ever 5k - Run to Feed the Hungry. I was really excited about the event, but it was crazy crowded! It took us over an hour to finish the 3 miles because there was hardly any room to move! We still had fun though, and burnt some calories so we could stuff our faces more that evening.

We spent this year's thanksgiving at my aunt's house. I was happy to see my little brother back in town and my cousins and their toddler son also paid a visit. We got our much needed baby fix.

Tuesday I also got some good news back from my recent doctor's appointment. My TPO antibodies test results came back normal (16 to be exact). Thank God! I was so worried there may be something else wrong preventing my pregnancies, but luckily this isn't.

Something to be thankful for. After all these years trying to conceive, it can often be difficult to find things to be grateful for when so much of your life is focused on what you don't have. This test result was a good reminder to see the good we have.

As Christmas fast approaches, I'm ready for the new year. This year was filled with too much heartache between losing our eldest pup Hootie, and two failed IVFs - it needs to end. I always start the year with "this will be our year to get pregnant!" but, i'm not going to this time.

I'm going to try and take things one day at a time.



  1. I'm so sorry you had such a rough year! I hope next year brings your baby and all the joy and happiness you deserve.