We had a fundraiser garage sale this past weekend and it was a huge success! We raised just over $1,200 for treatment and i'm beyond thrilled. It was an exhausting day mixed with little sleep and nausea (from the Sprintec perhaps?), but S kept reminding me to drink water and we made it through okay. Can i just stop and say I love my husband? I mean really really love him? Throughout this journey he's been incredibly sound minded, calm, and supportive. I couldn't last a minute without him. I constantly stop and think how wonderfully blessed I am to have him in my life. (I try and remember this when he's driving me crazy as husbands often do) :)

The outpouring of love and support we've received from our friends and family is incredible. What's even more moving is the generosity of complete strangers. It was hard for us to "come out" as infertile, but I'm so relieved we did. Even just knowing there's people thinking of and praying for us is so reassuring.

(In addition, our online fundraiser site has helped us raise about 3,000! So thankfully, we won't have to pay for meds out of pocket, or go into additional debt. A million thank you's to every single person who has supported us.)  

Not everything sold, and we donated it to Capital Christian, who is holding a giant yard sale at their church in a couple of weeks. I'll gladly support another cause all whilst getting the leftovers off our hands? - good deal! Good Karma right?? I got a pretty sweet mug set, a vintage looking Old Spaghetti Factory chair I plan on recovering, and a cute vintage looking U.S. Olympics t-shirt. I originally thought S could wear it, but as I tried it on last night, it was clear this was a woman's shirt. I walked out telling S "this is probably more a wife shirt even though it's a little baggy - wouldn't it look cute with a little baby bump under it?" He replied "Anything would." :)


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