Next Steps . . .

We had our "next steps" appointment with our RE (reproductive endocrinologist - a fancy term for infertility OBGYN) Dr. G last Thursday. After reviewing our lab work and files again reconfirming the "you need IVF" diagnosis, we were advised to start birth control - Sprintec to be exact - and that my IVF coordinator would be calling to schedule the classes (I believe one is injections and one is an overview of the IVF process) and to get our treatment calendar.

We are approved for our med loan ($11,000 - not including the $3,000 we'll need for meds) and have been advised to let the financial coordinator know by April 28th whether or not we are going to cycle in May. The hubby, "S" went in for some updated blood work after work on Friday, and we're just waiting to get those in before moving forward with our calendar/classes. Our coordinator also mentioned scheduling my baseline ultrasound and an updated HSG (an x-ray where they insert a catheter into your uterus, shoot some saline solution inside, and get an idea if your tubes are blocked or if there's anything funky going on with your uterus). Mine was normal last time, so i'm praying that i've only improved.

I'm anxious to hear back, because 4/28 is quickly approaching and I don't think we'd be doing all these steps if we weren't cycling in May. My cousin, L, generously offered to come with me to this appointment. I will more than likely take her up on this offer. I always need a second set of ears at these things; or maybe I should invest in a recorder? :)


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